Rent apartments in Cracow

Terms of use of the apartments


  1. Confirmation of the apartment reservation is made after payment of a deposit of 1/3 of the value of stay. The deposit is non-refundable.
  2. You can change name of your reservation only after consultation with the Apartment manager.
  3. Check-in starts from 14hrs on the first day of booking, check-out is until 12hrs on the last day of booking. There is a possibility of an earlier check-in on request.
  4. Check-in until 22.00 is free of charge. After 22.00, an additional fee of PLN 40.
  5. The possibility of leaving the apartment after 12.00 should be agreed with the Apartment manager. Extension of stay results in an additional fee of 10 PLN / hour.
  6. There is a silent night from 22.00 to 7.00.
  7. The behavior of guests should not disturb other people's peace of mind. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, behaving aggressively, violating the peace and / or good of the neighbors and not respecting commonly used standards of coexistence between people must leave apartments, without refund of the previous charges. The manager is not obliged to return the money for the unused period of stay.
  8. The manager reserves the right to refuse to accept the Guest, who during previous residence grossly violated the Terms and Conditions, caused damage or interfered with the principle of good-neighbourly relations.
  9. Guest must pay for the stay on arrival, upon check-in. A proof of identity (ID, Passport) is required for check-in.
  10. Guests arriving at arrival receive keys at their disposal, which is required to be returned to the Apartment manager on the day of departure. In case of loss or destruction, guests will be charged 50 PLN (gate remote - 150 PLN).
  11. Pets must be arranged in advance with the Apartment manager. The Apartment service has the right to refuse accommodation to guests who have taken their pet with them without prior consent. For an animal stay an additional fee is charged (40zł / day).
  12. The guest of the apartment shall bear full financial responsibility for any damage or damage done by the animal.
  13. Things left by the guest upon leaving the apartment at the request of the guest may be returned at his expense at the address indicated by the guest. Otherwise, after three days from the date of departure of the guest from the apartment, the service will proceed with the items according to the lost or found rules.
  14. It is forbidden to bring flammable materials, explosives and odor materials into the apartment.
  15. The apartment may not be inhabited by more people than stated in the booking form.
  16. When leaving the apartment, please check if it is closed. The removal of apartment furniture/ things is abandoned.
  17. The apartment is non-smoking.
  18. On check-in, a refundable deposit of 300-500 PLN will be charged depending on the apartment, which is a security against any damage done by guests in the apartment.
  19. Any damage to the equipment in the apartment should be reported immediately to the Apartment service. A guest who intentionally or through improper use will destroy the equipment of the apartment is obliged to cover the full cost.
  20. On the day of departure, the Apartment service checks the condition of the premises in the presence of the guest. Any claims for potential damage verified by the Apartment service will be settled by agreement with the guest prior to departure. In the event of a dispute, the claims will be prosecuted.
  21. For more arrivals than in the reservation, please inform us at least two days before your arrival. For more guests staying in the apartment must be issued by the Apartment manager. In case of non-compliance with this section of the regulations, the Apartment manager is entitled to charge additional costs related to the stay of additional persons according to the price list.
  22. The arrival of fewer people than booking requires you to inform us at least two days before your arrival. Decreasing the number of people on the day of arrival or during the stay does not change the price of the stay - the price of the reservation is valid.
  23. The rented apartment must be left as it was on arrival.
  24. An early departure for reasons independent of the Apartment manager does not entitle him to claim a refund for unused benefit.
  25. Invoices for stays will be issued upon request of the customer within 7 days from the date of check out. They will be sent by post or by e-mail to the address indicated
  26. The Apartment service has an additional set of keys, in case of failure, the Apartment service may enter the apartment for repair.

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